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Since 2010 when Crayon.934 decided to build a custom map during StarCraft II Beta and called it "Marine Arena". Marine Arena has grown tremendously in both features and fans. Marine Arena has excelled from just one Map Designer and a few followers to many followers and supporters who help keep the map updated and current. If you enjoy this map please consider donating to help keep it thriving and alive.

Below is a list of all current Dev Team Members helping to keep this map going as well as a section for Tournament Donations and a tribute to the retired KewlCrayon.


Donation Perks

If you enjoy this map and wish to donate to any of the Dev Team Members, you can do so below. You can give whatever amount you feel the map is worth (Minimum donation is $1 due to PayPal charges).
As a thank you to our supporters, we have added many cosmetic Donor Perks into the map for you to enjoy.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive Donor Perks, you MUST PM the map editors the following:

1) PayPal Confirmation Email Receipt
2) StarCraft Player Name
3) MA handle (type "-handle" into the in game chat)


The Team

Josin (Main Developer & Forum Owner)

Josin is the Main Dev and Map Publisher of Marine Arena US on all servers as well as the Owner of this site. He began contributing to Marine Arena v1.1 as a Tester and Map Editor in 2011 by providing balance changes and bug fixes. He also created the donor system with many fun aesthetic perks as a thank you for all those who contribute. Josin has done extensive work on the map through versions 2, 2.5 and now MA US. Prior to map editing he was a competitive scrim player in Crayon's final v1.0 and Ash's early v1.1


Relic (Map Editor)

Relic has been contributing to Marine Arena as a Map editor since late 2013. Prior to being a map editor he was a Map Tester. His main focus is map balance and unit stats. He performs a lot of testing as well as Excel mapping of unit stats in order to address this vital part of development. Relic is also an active player in the competitive Marine Arena scene.


Akash (Map Editor)

Akash has been an active player in Marine Arena since 2010. He is a former Map Tester who made spreadsheets for analysis and created guides for the community. In 2017, he began contributing to development as a Map Editor.


Rain (Map Editor)

Rain is currently one of the remaining active developers for US MA in 2019.


Sonoma (Site Design & Site Admin)

Began contributing to Marine Arena in 2010 as one of the first Beta Testers under the command of Crayon. Help created graphics and scripts for the numerous Marine Arena websites including the original forums and Wiki as well as the MA Official Tournaments. He is now contributing as the Site Designer and Web Admin for this forum as well as the Official Discord Server Admin for both US and EU.


Zeaner (Server Admin)

Zeaner has been contributing to the MA site on and off since 2010 as a consultant. In 2014 Zeaner has taken over the server administration duties helping to maintain the server efficiency as well as adding various features to improve the overall site.


Tournament Donations

Official Marine Arena Tournament Donation Box

This pay pal link will take you to the Official Tournament Donation Box for all Official Marine Arena Tournaments.
CHARITY TOURNAMENT: All Donations will go to Doctors without Borders



Crayon (The Father of Marine Arena)

Crayon also known as Kewl Crayon retired in late 2010 due to personal reasons. The last map Crayon created was Marine Arena 1.0 which is still accessible and playable on the arcade today. If you would like to pay tribute to the founding father of Marine Arena you can here.



All times are UTC - 8 hours [ DST ]

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