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PostPosted: May 25th, 2020, 6:18 am 

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Hello everybody,

I am a big fan of MA. But sometimes people are getting very angry in the game and insult their allies. That is not nice. On the one side every gamer has right to have emotions. But on the other side it isnt noob-friendly. One of the main problems I think is when a pro gamer is playing with a noob bc his friends are off. So many people want to play but prefer not to join bc of the noob ally. Or they try to force the noob ally to leave by insulting him trying to get his gas.. In most cases noob or mixed teams have no chance vs 2x pro gamers... so that is making the game too predictable...

But on the other side almost nobody is playing 1x1x1x1. That means people still like more to be in the team. I think there shold be more options for support this team gaming even if one them is a noob... yes, now the pro also ally can win if the noob ally will stay passive and send all his money to the pro and will try not to feed. But this is also boring strategy.

So what is my solution for this problem? I think the rule you win only if you are able "not to feed" should be improved. I mean this is also leading to boring strategy like not to attack and bunkering at the base. But the fun is to fight and watch mass action on the field. So I think there should be also a couple rewards for loosing units.

The killing shoud be still better rewarded with minerals. But loosing of units also shouldnt be useless at all. There could be for example any reward for every players after 500 lost units. Not minerals, they are should stay like only rewards from killing. But it could be for example a low hero like ghost or lurker or 2x random units from the middle shop or improvement of armor and hp. Or how about a random marine drop at all enemy bases after 2000 units lost) After 5000 or 10000 lost units every player for example could be able to spawn a "bloody revenge kerrigan" or something like that...

I think when losing of units also will be rewarded the game would be more dynamical and people would attack more often. Also the randomising of that rewards would also make it not so predictable and more funny.

Thank you for reading and gl hf


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PostPosted: May 25th, 2020, 3:12 pm 
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Hi potato, welcome to the forums!

I agree that insulting allies is counterproductive, and it makes the game less fun. Also just sending minerals and sharing control doesn't seem fun either.

I understand what you're saying about giving a boost to players that are behind, and personally I actually like that idea (keeps players engaged when behind, and better players will likely win anyway - I've made a post about this in the past).

However, I don't think most of the community would agree, and I can see why: since the beginning, "earning" your upgrades by winning engagements has been a core concept of MA.

Thanks for your feedback, and happy MA-ing!

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PostPosted: May 27th, 2020, 8:10 am 

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There are 2 basic mistakes that rookies make when starting this game:

1) Blocking your partner

A-moving behind your partner locks their army in front of yours. The most sure-fire way to get any veteran to quit is to a-move behind them. This game is largely about choke points and counters and especially early-on you need to make sure that you're allowing for proper positioning of yourself and your partner. Letting them retreat from an engagement is essential. Also, try to flank as much as possible. The more units you have firing on the other team in an arc, the more you'll kill.

2) They do not understand/know the unit counter matrix

Admittedly this is tricky to learn and understand because there are hard and soft counters, but all units do not exchange evenly. When you are hard-countered, you essentially have a handicap on your units of easily 4-6 upgrades below the person whose units hard counter you. What this means is that if you have Raiders and I have Immortals, your Raiders have to be ~5+ attack/health/armor upgrades above mine to begin to trade somewhat evenly (and even then it's probably not going to work out well for you).

Essentially the game has this handicap you're talking about built into it in this form of hard and soft counters. If you're behind, counter the better team with your merc selection, check the chokes and your positioning, and don't block your partner. If you do that, you'll start to trade better and then you can learn more advanced unit usage to turn the tide even more in your favor with elites and heroes.

Glad you're playing and when I'm online we can team up and I'll help you.

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