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PostPosted: March 29th, 2018, 11:28 pm 
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Just some bugfixes and small balance changes for the end of March. No Lurker yet, that will probably be a full update by itself. Happy MA~ing!

-Fixed a bug where "-set merccompounds 1" gave Wraith 0.11 attack speed.
-The code "-fit" now clears cooldowns as well.
-Added "sv" as an alternative to "sciencevessel".

-Fixed Disable Marine Spawning bug (hopefully).

No changes.

-Fixed a bug where Overcharge had a cooldown.
-Fixed a bug where Overcharge did not take away any HP.

-Fixed collision with forcefields (no longer collides).

-Fixed collision with forcefields (now collides).

-Fixed annoying death noise.

-Mind control no longer applies bonus speed, attack speed, or damage.
-Mind control no longer captures elites.
-Can no longer buy HT after morphing Archon (like DT).

-Fixed a bug where Stop command was missing when burrowed.
-Can no longer cancel morph (like the archons).
-Can no longer buy Infestor after morphing Queen (like DT).
-Killing a morphing Queen gives 1000 minerals (like the archons).

-Can no longer cancel morph (like the archons).
-Can no longer buy Commando after morphing Spectre (like DT).
-Killing a morphing Spectre gives 1000 minerals (like the archons).

---Consistency amongst the ultimate heroes, in preparation for Lurker.

-Fixed a bug where no damage was dealt in Siege Mode (Thanks to Rain for testing with me!)

-Fixed a bug where Minithor range was 15 instead of 10.
-Removed Summoned tag (bug).
-Reduced HP from 2500 to 1500 (bug).

Science Vessel
-Second Elite Upgrade now increases Defensive Matrix cast range by 3.
-Irradiate cast range increased from 7 to 8.

-HP increased from 450 to 550
-Shockwave cooldown decreased from 60 to 30.

Dusk Wings
-Fixed movespeed slow bonus provided by BackLash elite upgrade (now 50% as intended).

-Fixed "Buy Hydralisk Mercenary" tooltip.
-Fixed Sniper Focus tooltip.
-Fixed Sentry Second Upgrade tooltip.
-Changed tooltip for Science Vessel upgrade to reflect the increase in range.
-Added Oracle to the "Elites Set 5" tooltip.


Some stuff I wanted to fix but couldn't yet:
-Battlecruiser Yamato is cancellable via Repair.
-Sniper Focus does not trigger alongside Marine Stimpack.
-CC/PF have a limit of 50 maximum auto-turrets.
-Changelings sometimes turn into units that are not marines.

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