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Strat focusing on building your cracks/tanks Attack

I prefer Cracks on this one as they have the highest dps probably in the game and speed. No rines needed, only for early game or to defend.

0-10 mins
Upgrade Attack no armor, maybe 1 HP.
6 min mark, get cracks.
Objective is to hit and run the ennemies base so they waste their saves and hopefully catch the ennemy with little defense. The high attack dps of the cracks will devour anything and everything, even firebats. You could easely get a few merc bases this way.

10-20 mins:
Get faster spawn right away
Continue upping attack, a little of HP and maybe 1 armor or 2.
Get as many saves as you can from the other teams

20-30 mins:
Work on finishing the last saves left from the enemies
Keep the focus on attack, a bit of HP maybe 1 armor.
Get Support tower

30-40 mins:
Ask your teammate to land you their mins.
Mass your Cracks to Max (no rines)
Make sure you have 2k-3k minerals
Identify who is your biggest counter in the game
Now spam create Marauders (10-15 times, will cost about 1.5k)
Once you have have 70-100 raiders, drop ship rines into your base
Now you should have about 300 troops combined.
Gather all these troops and launch an assault to your hardest ennemy, careful vs tassadars
Ask your ally to either go in front if his a tank or go behind if hes dps


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